• A Sense of Belonging

    Carers and young people feel a strong sense of belonging to the agency because they know the supervising social workers, the referrals office, the manager and the responsible individual.  Leaders and staff work extremely hard to preseve their personal knowledge of, and support to, every carer, child and young person.  (Ofsted Inspection Report, 2016)

  • Brothers and Sister Together

    The service does particularly well at enabling brothers and sisters to live together: 42% of those children in the service live with their brothers or sisters.  This is againsts a 10% national average. (Ofsted Inspection Report, 2016) 

  • Child-Centred Teamwork

    The team around the child respect, listen and act upon carers' knowledge and experience of each child. (Ofsted Inspection Report, 2016)

  • Commitment and Consistency

    Consistency and commitment from individual workers is a key strength underpinning both children's progress and carers' confidence and skills.  (Ofsted Inspection Report, 2016) 

  • Excellent Matching

    Key elements of success include the service's ability to make prompt, well-though out, reliable matches.  (Ofsted Inspection Report, 2016)

  • High Quality Support

    For all children and young people, the quality of direct work by supervising social workers and the manager is of the highest quality and is supporting measurably improved progress.  (Ofsted Report, 2016)

  • Valuing Carers

    Carers feel very valued for their immense input and children get the best help from al the professionals involved in theiir care.  (Ofsted Inspection Report 2016)

  • Excellent Support and Training

    We have always known and felt that ABC provide an excellent support package to their foster carers and children.  Our social support and training has been brilliant  (Phil and Margaret, ABC Foster Carers, January 2015)

  • Proud to be part of the ABC Team

    We are pleased and proud to be part of the ABC team.  (ABC Foster Carers, January 2015) 

  • Supportive in every way

    ABC has been supportive in every way.  Someone has been there every time we've needed to phone.  Training is very informative.  We feel very supported by everyone at ABC (Amanda, ABC Foster Carer, Stourport, February 2015) 

  • Local Authority Feedback

    “I have no hesitation in highly recommending you to my colleagues and will be feeding back about my positive experience with you all at ABC.” (Glenda, local authority social worker, October 2014)

  • Frequent contact in a strong team

    Supervising social workers are insightful and clearly understand the reason that young people may display behaviours that challenge, and support foster carers through these difficult periods. Contact with foster carers is frequent and as the agency is small, the carers are well known to all supervising social workers.  (Wolverhampton Quality Assurance Report regarding ABC Fostering, January 2014)  

  • Commitment of Staff and Foster Carers

    “Managers, staff and foster carers are highly skilled and committed to fostering.”  (Ofsted Inspection Report, 2013) 

  • Excellent knowledge of foster carers and young people

    The staff team have an excellent knowledge of the foster carers and the young people.  Support is given to ensure that the best outcomes are achieved for the young people. (Wolverhampton Quality Assurance Report regarding ABC, January 2014)  

  • Excellent preparation for New Foster Carers

    “Prospective foster carers are excellently prepared prior to being approved.” Ofsted Inspection Report 2013

  • Excellent Supervision

    "Training has been very good this year - very helpful and informative.  Social work supervision and support are always excellent and we both feel part of an excellent team."  ABC Foster Carer, October 2013 

  • Excellent Support throughout

    “Foster carers receive regular quality supervision and have commented that they receive outstanding support: ‘When a child is placed the supervising social worker always comes out,’ ‘They are in regular phone contact’, ‘At the end of placement they are also very supportive.’ Ofsted Inspection Report 2013 

  • Foster Carers as Part of a Team

    “Foster carers are seen as integral to the team around the child.  They have professional relationship with local authorities and external agencies who speak highly of their standard of care and the outcomes they achieve with the children and young people.” Ofsted Inspection Report 2013

  • Generous and Reliable Financial Support

    "The financial support provided is very good.  The fees and allowances are generous and always paid on time."  (ABC Foster Carer, October 2013)  

  • Good Quality Written Records

    Files are well maintained and show evidence of regular update and audit.  Records are very person centred.   (Wolverhampton Quality Assurance Report, January 2014) 

  • High Quality Training

    “Foster carers state they are well informed, receive stimulating training and are excellently supported by supervising social workers and support workers.”  Ofsted Inspection Report 2013

  • Oustanding Support

    “Foster carers state that the support they receive from the agency is outstanding: ‘There is always support available on the phone and my relationship with my supervising social worker is excellent, which is a real benefit to my fostering experience.  I also feel part of the agency,’ ‘We feel working ABC is very rewarding and we feel part of an excellent team.”  (Foster Carers quoted in Ofsted Inspection Report 2013)

  • Participation and Excellent Outcomes

    “Birth and foster children and foster carers are actively and imaginatively involved in their own individual development as well as the development of the service.  They are very well matched in stable placements.  They access a wide range of high quality support and service that result in exceptional personal progress and outcomes.” Ofsted Report 2013

  • Support Day and Night

    "Out of hours support has been excellent: well beyond the call of duty.  ABC Fostering is always reliable and very responsive in all that they do day or night."  ABC Foster Carer, November 2013  

  • Excellence in Management

    "This is a very well-managed fostering agency.  Robust strategic management ensures constant review and consolidation of practice.  This results in an outstanding and continually evolving service."  (Ofsted Inspection Report, February 2013) 

  • Focus on birth children

    "A key strength of this agency is the work undertaken to support foster children as well as birth children.  All birth children are included in the foster carer assessment and approval process.  Supervising social workers have regular contact with all foster and birth children throughout placements."  (Ofsted Inspection Report, February 2013) 

  • High quality support

    'There is always support available on the phone and my relationship with my supervising social worker is excellent, which is a real benefit to my fostering experience.  I also feel part of the agency.' (Foster Carer quoted in Ofsted Inspection Report, February 2013)

  • Teamwork

    "We feel working with ABC is very rewarding and we feel part of an excellent team."  (Foster Carer quoted in Ofsted Inspection Report, February 2013) 

  • Jean, ABC foster carer in Rowley Regis

    When I first applied ABC was very quick to respond.  I’ve always found ABC to be very helpful, informative and friendly.  ABC provides you with lots of information and support, and there’s always someone there for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It’s a reliable and friendly service.  The training ABC provides to foster carers is exceptional.